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Since 1995, ChatelainXpert has been carrying out property valuations of residential, commercial, logistics and office properties throughout Belgium.


Are you a professional? We work for more than twenty financial organisations (banks, insurance companies and loan organisations), for the tax authorities (preliminary and control valuations) and for professionals in the field of accountancy (chartered accountants, auditors, tax specialists and notaries).


Are you a company or an individual? The property market is constantly changing, which is why our multidisciplinary team of property experts can guide you in making intelligent and accurate decisions about the value, opportunities and specific features of a property (purchase, sale, asset valuation, separation, inheritance, and so on).


Our expertise meets RICS and EVS requirements


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Property only has a value in the way we see it, so we see it through the value we give it.


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  • 4 Drafting the valuation report
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  • 7 Transmission of the report