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Energy projection

Projecting and promoting energy performance improvements in buildings

Would you like to know what work needs to be done to improve the energy performance of your building? 
Recently, banks have been demanding information on this subject, which influences the conditions of your mortgage loan.

In order to facilitate the process, ChatelainXpert has created a new product called "Projection Peb". This advises you on the work to be carried out to improve the energy score of your building.


Do you have an existing PEB certificate?
Send us the references of the building's existing Peb certificate and our office will take over. 

The Peb certifiers of our ChatelainXpert team will analyse it and propose the necessary work to improve the property according to your requests and criteria.
A table showing the current Peb, the unofficial Peb (based on the work already carried out on the property since the establishment of the existing Peb), and the projected Peb (based on the planned and/or recommended work).

This model can of course be included in the survey report. It will show the energy performance of the property after the work has been carried out, subject to the recommended work being carried out. 
In addition to allowing you to visualise the work to be carried out, this simulation will allow you to establish a projection of the costs to be foreseen for improving the energy performance of your buildings.


Price per dwelling including VAT:
100 € for the Peb projection table 
75 € if the Peb projection is carried out at the same time as the building survey

To find out more, contact us using the "PEB PROJECTION request" form, you will be contacted within 24 working hours 

Energy projection


  • 1 Receipt of the application
  • 2 Receipt of the existing Peb and the necessary information
  • 3 Analyse et projection de votre Peb
  • 4 Transmission of a summary table