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An intelligent and multidisciplinary team 


With a team of around twenty experts spread throughout the country (property experts, architects, private rental investigators, surveyors, energy certifiers, Certibeau certifiers, mine surveyors and health and safety coordinators), our team is experienced and multidisciplinary.


Because the property market is constantly changing, we guide you intelligently in making the right decision on the values, specificities and opportunities of a property. 





Our real estate valuation office is accredited and regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), the ABEX (Belgian Association of Surveyors), the CIBEX (Belgian Chamber of Real Estate Surveyors), the CNEJ (National College of Judicial Surveyors of Belgium), as well as by the OBGE (Belgian Order of Surveyors).



Quality and impartial interventions thanks to a mastery of all disciplines related to real estate.


Speed and availability 

Fast and transparent deadlines, appointments made within 24 hours anywhere in Belgium. Our experts are available from Monday to Saturday every day of the year.


A complete, tailor-made offer

We take the time to adapt to your service requirements. We listen to your needs and provide you with a report that meets your expectations.


One file, a multitude of possibilities

Recognised by some twenty financial institutions (banks, loan organisations, insurance companies, and so on), our property valuations meet the requirements of the main Belgian players. One file, several steps. Contact the one that meets your needs.

You can find the list on our homepage.



Our services comply with the deontology of official organisations (in terms of independence, confidentiality, competence, methodology, diligence, continuous training, etc.).



Our competent experts, who listen to you, keep you informed of the progress of the mission and provide a report on the expected information.

Many know the price of an asset; far fewer are able to estimate its value.

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