Chatelain Xpert | Property valuation - Energy certificate

Property valuation report

We have been producing property valuation reports for nearly 25 years on behalf of financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, lenders), the tax authorities (preliminary surveys, audit valuations), valuation professionals (accountants, auditors, tax specialists), businesses and private individuals (before buying or selling property, asset valuations, separations, succession planning).

Our reports meet the requirements of property valuation standards (the "Charte de l'Expertise en Evaluation Immobilière", the French property valuation charter).

We produce valuation reports for residential property but also for commercial premises, offices, logistics facilities and industrial buildings.

We cover all of Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital region.


Property only has a value in the way we see it, so we see it through the value we give it.


Request a valuation

  • 1 Receipt of the request
  • 2 Direct contact with the client => appointment made within 2 days
  • 3 Site visit
  • 4 Drafting the valuation report
  • 5 Submission of a provisional report to the case manager (client or broker)
  • 6 Revision if clarifications/changes are required
  • 7 Agreement and submission of the full final report